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First travel offer, help me review!

nurseyNurseMI nurseyNurseMI (Member)

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Hey everyone hoping for some input..

I have an offer for my first travel assignment! Could you let me know if it sounds ok? Heres the info (copied from email from recruiter):

Las Vegas, NV


13 weeks

12 Hour Nights

must give 5 days/week availability each week and will be contracted for 36 hours/week. Overtime available if desired.


$500 Tax Free Relocation

$120 Licensure Reimbursement

Paid Private Fully Furnished Hotel Housing


with Medical Benefits = $25/hourly

I have a little over a year of heavy med-surg experience (Day shift though) with avg 7-8 pt load. I am concerned about the rate and the need for 5 days/week when I will only work 3 (would be annoying sitting around waiting to work if I don't get called in, especially for night shift). My recruiter said their company works " in conjunction with the local staffing offices, so the scheduling is very flexible."

Thanks you guys, I appreciate any comments!