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First time traveler!


Has 20 years experience.

I am taking my first travel assignment (as soon as I sign the contract)! I have a few questions I need help with,

* Is it standard to have a low hourly wage and sizable weekly per diem? Detroit, Michigan area.

* This is a non-Covid but still a crisis position, what would be a standard weekly gross pay? Acute LTC facility-vents, trachs etc, 1:5 patient ratio.

* I am being offered 2 weeks of housing in addition to the per diem, but will have housing after that (my oldest son lives in the area where I'm traveling to).

Thank you!

Sorry, mistake number one. Shop around! Then you would know what the going rate and benefits might be. But yes, usually hourly is relatively low and you get housing and per diem and travel. Right now in Detroit, I might expect 3K a week total or more. Perhaps less for LTC but you have to take the risk of living in a Covid hotspot into account, not to mention possibly infecting your son's family (safer to take a hotel room).