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First time traveler/ Agencies

I'm thinking about taking the plunge. Recently, I've decided to look into travel nursing and have been speaking with a recruiter. The agency appears straightforward and the recruiter is very pleasant, but after doing some research I've found that this agency is one of the lower paying agencies.

I live in SC and I am hoping to land my first contract in Columbia, due to the driving distance from my home.

I I am a medsurg nurse. Would any one like to share their experience and (pay) with agencies they've come into contact with?

Pay in SC for medsurg is always going to be low. Might be a good way to get your feet wet as pay is not that important in a first assignment.

Financially you will do better away from home. You are probably thinking about savings on housing. Not as much as you are imagining. If you commute from home, all your stipends including housing are taxed as ordinary income. If your agency pays them tax free, you are required to report them as income on your tax return. No Trump loopholes for nurses!


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