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first semester down


Well everyone, the first semester is over and I am so happy. I was a little bummed that I worked really hard in Anatomy, getting "A's" all the way through only to poop out on the final and come within points of getting an "A" as the final grade. I struggled through NUR 108 but got a "B" which I am proud of needless to say. Most of my class struggled and did worse than myself. So two "B's" this semester and I now know that I must start off real strong for NUR 109, Diet/Nutrition, Pharmacology and A&P II next semester in order to make it.

Well right now I am trying to get my house in order which has been neglected for a while now. Christmas is so right around the corner and I am not even ready.

Here is hoping that everyone has a wonderful break...:roll


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way to go!

Congrats on the end of semester victory:)

I to, have just finished and it is really a load off...

Sit back relax and enjoy for it starts again in a few weeks :roll

Good Luck and Merry Christmas

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Congo rats!

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