First nursing job


I am looking for my first nursing job.

For fellow nurses who recently got hired as new grads my question is.. What is it like to be hired with a regular position with an orientation? Also what is it like to be hired in the residency program?

Has 33 years experience.

Sorry, I am an old nurse. I am not sure why facilities are not hiring new grads except for the cost. It use to be hospitals were grabbing any new nurse they could, now they seem to want experienced nurses before the new grads. First of all try to not get discouraged, keep applying. Look at all types of environments, out patient services, schools, there are more public facilities such as drug store chains using nurses for patient education, flu clinics etc. Get any experience you can and then move on. Keep your head up!! I don't know enough details about the residency programs, study for your boards and get that license!!!