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First management interview, need tips and advice


Has 7 years experience.

I posted a couple weeks ago a question here about how far would you drive for a significant pay raise.

Well, I had that interview and apparently it went well enough I was offered an opportunity to interview for a management position. BTW, this is with Kaiser.

Anyhow, the interview is set for this Thursday. I've never had interest in management, but at this point in my life and career, I owe it to myself to seriously consider it. This would be a significant pay raise and career change. I've been disheartened the last year and been wanting to move away from bedside nursing. This could be a huge opportunity for me and my family.

In saying that, I've never had a management position or even interviewed for one. I don't know what to expect or how to prepare. I do know that Kaiser likes to ask behavioral type questions. They sent me a screening questionnaire and that's what was asked. IE, How would you handle this situation?, What did you do for this problem, etc.

Anyone here in management or have experience, give me some tips, advice, suggestions, etc.