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first job seeking advice for immigrant(ex-nurse officer)

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by hyhero89 hyhero89 (Member)

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Hi. I am a male nurse from outside of U.S.

And currently serving as military nurse officer.

Straight to the point,

I'm hoping to get a job(acute care hopefully) in the U.S. in the near future.

Here's my job experience since the graduation from my BSN program(Korea)

2014~2015 : 1 year of med-surg floor in military hospital

2015~now : instructor who teaches initial actions in the trauma-related emergency for the entire nation's active airforcemen (also have BLS instructor and open BLS provider courses regularly)

May, 2017 : discharge from the military service

It is presumed that my clinical experience is relatively short and not enough to get the type of job I want.

My english is not perfect, but I'm working on it very hard, and will get ACLS provider

before 2017.

Might I have a chance to be a nurse in the U.S. who I'm wanting to be?

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