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First Job Hunt Assistance

Job Hunt   (137 Views | 0 Replies)
by Emma12546 Emma12546 (New) New Nurse Student

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I had a job interview a little over a month ago at my dream facility/unit. Interview went great and I followed up two weeks later just to see if a decision had been made which it had not. Another two weeks go by and I check up again, but this time the nurse manager tells me that HR is supposed to contact me with an offer. It's almost two weeks since that email and I haven't heard from HR. However, HR is working from home due to the coronavirus. The nurse manager responds to my emails within 15 minutes and seems very interested. I also had another interview at the same hospital and two days post interview the nurse recruiter contacted me with an offer. I told them I needed some time to talk things over with my family. Should I count the first interview out? Any advice would be appreciated!

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