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First day - what can I expect???


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Hi all!

Thursday will be my first day as a school nurse. I was hired on as a full-time permanent sub for the year. I did a few days of orientation at the end of last school year, so I sort of know what to expect on a normal day. But, what can I expect that first day? Tons of parents bringing in meds? Many calls from home? I'm super excited to begin this new adventure in nursing. I haven't been into the office yet, because they are still have not decided 100% which school in town I will be at.

Have a great year everyone!!


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Good Luck to you!! Yes a lot of parent contact with meds and paper work. Expect little ones missing mommy if you are in elementary school and lots of smiles and hugs too!

Parents bringing in meds, talking with doctors offices about those medications and getting orders, lots of booboos at recess and stomaches after lunch, etc! ;)