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Finished my 1st semester in the MSN in Education


Specializes in Psych, LTC, Acute Care.

What a crazy four months. The MSN in education is going through major changes. There is a new change everyday seems like. We are required to complete 8 credits each semester and I did that with 10 weeks left. Planning to knock out at least 1-2 more classes. Lots of writing in this program. So far I have written a 14 page paper, 19 page paper and 20 page PowerPoint and took only one test. I like it so far but its a lot of work. My course mentor is great and very helpful. I would recommend this program.

I start the leadership program 9/1. Ive been looking through my courses and have a quick question. Is the assessment through taskstream the only thing you must complete to finish the course? Is there anything else that gets turned in?

Glad you like the program. Hoping I will.