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Finding school with good reputation


I'm moving to Oklahoma (Edmond area) from out of state due to my husbands job. I was already accepted to a community college nursing program where I live now but obviously had to give up my spot. Now I'm looking to apply to other schools in the Oklahoma City area. I plan to apply to UCO, OCCC, OSU-OKC. Do these nursing proragms have a good reputation or are there any other schools I should also be looking at? I am missing a couple pre reqs and will be taking them this summer/fall semester and applying for the 2019 class. It's hard to start this process all over agin especially in a new state. Some advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!


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You should also look into the OU program. Their nursing school is in OKC while the main campus is in Norman. I graduated from their accelerated BSN and had a good experience. I felt well prepared to be a first year nurse, was hired immediately out of school to the unit I did my leadership/preceptorship/externship (name varies depending on program, but when spend right before you graduate working under the same nurse on the same unit for 12-15 shifts), and my entire class passed the NCLEX on their first try.

OCU also has a nursing program in OKC.