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Finding a preceptor for FNP

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So this has been a long journey and I'm half way through my FNP program with UTA. Even though my advisor told me that it was too early to look for preceptors and that we should start 6 months prior to our first clinical I took the plunge and started contacting a several FNPs in the area. To my disappointment and surprise, many of them are booked for the next few semester, meaning way into 2020. My graduation date is supposed to be May 2020 so this is a big shock for me. Also, I found out that the hospitals in the Houston area give preference to students from UTH, UTMB, TWU and Texas Tech. I'm not sure as to what to do now. Try to trasnfer to a local school and lose some credits? 

One of the FNPs I contacted actually called me back and wants to schedule an Interview and I'm super nervous and don't want to seem desperate (but I'am).

Anyone from Houston that can relate? I need a local buddy with the same struggles! 

I have't started asking MDs in the area. I honestly would rather have an NP as preceptor. They understand the profession, the scope of practice and are nurses too. I feel like an MD would expect me to know everything right out of school as if I'm out of Med school. 


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I'm sure that is so discouraging! Does your school provide a list of preceptor sites that they already have a contract with? I know a lot of times it is the placement agreement that take a long time to complete, so maybe starting with sites that already have that in place would save time. I am a student nurse midwife and am starting to look for preceptors too. Our advisor said if we're not getting many responses or getting a lot of refusals it might be best to try to go by in person. 

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