Finding NPs *In Need Of* a Collaborator?

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Hi all-

It was recently brought to my attention that a couple states (with eventual FPA) allow their mandatory collaborative agreements to be between an NP and an experienced NP (rather than a physician).

I’m wondering if there’s room for a side-hustle of being a collaborator (and charging way less for more actual discussion than some physicians offer).

Lots of things to consider but one of the first would be to see if there’s much demand....

So, is there a central resource where new NPs go to find collaborators?? Nothing in my web searches yet.


This is news to me. From where did you hear this? And which states?

I know here in California that during COVID they expanded the number of NPs that an MD can supervise from 4 to 6 but I think that is over or is ending soon.

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This is interesting- I have never heard of a NP having an expereinced NP collaborator. I'm in CA though and we are pretty restrictive.