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Finding out the challenges and triumphs

First I want to thank allof you for helping me with some fairly basic questions while in my first year of nursing. I am off orientation, into my 2nd month flying without a net and I am loving it. I am finding the things that are difficult and could use some tuning up, and I am finding the things that make it all worth while.

For all of you who have replied to my posts, thank you. I am getting along great with the charge nurse who used to push my buttons, even though she still interupts in report and I really hate that. I am finding some of the more difficult pts less difficult as I become more comfortable in my role as a nurse. I am also finding that family members can be more needy and demanding than the pts. It is a challenge each and every shift and I am thrilled to be learning each and every evening I am on the floor. Thanks again.


suzy253, RN

Specializes in Telemetry/Med Surg.

That's wonderful Anna. Keep plugging away; sounds like you're doing great. :)

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