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Financing ABSN or BS --> MSN bridge?

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by EmilyMW2020 EmilyMW2020 (New) New Pre-Student

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Hi All!

I will be applying to a couple of ABSN and BS --> MSN bridge programs hopefully sometime this year. 

Although one thing on the back of my mind is: financing. 

I currently work full time and live at home. However, none of the programs around Nashville (where I live) are what I'm looking for. There's a good chance I will have to go to another state to complete school. With both of those programs, it's unlikely I'll be able to work full-time. Will also need money for living expenses. 

With that being said, does anyone have any tips on how they're financing their continued education? I already have a BS in Biomedical Science, so I am no longer in my undergrad. 

Any help is much appreciated! 

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