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financial support during adjustment of status?


I know that there are hospitals/agencies that prefer that nurses who are already in the US on a tourist visa to just file for adjustment of status instead of going back to their original country because it would mean that the nurse can work for them much sooner, but are they willing to offer financial support or something? Because you won't be able to work until you get the EAD, right? And that would take about 90 days. That's 3 months! I haven't heard of any agency/hospital granting financial support for those who are on AOS, but that may just be something I don't know about, but actually happens? Anything to share, anyone? If they're not willing to give financial aid, can you refuse to adjust and go back to your country instead? Like,will they still hire you?

Any input would be highly appreciated! Have a blessed weekend everybody!

There are hospitals that will offer you a "training" program during those three months, which will pay for your housing and meals until you get your EAD processed.

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