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Financial Aid


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So my financial aid did not disburse this semester. I am kind of confused as to why as it shows that I have pending aid. I didn't get any emails as far as I can tell and I received aid for the summer. I've updated my address to be my current address a few months ago too.

I've emailed the financial aid office and I am going to call them Monday. I've been full-time this entire time. I may be over the SAP limits but I didn't receive an email or any information warning me about that. This is my final semester and I am kind of ticked off about it.

I am at 159 hours. GPA is 3.6 so it's not SAP as far as I can tell.


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Same thing happened to me. Turns out I transferred too many credits (already had a BA, which I didn't take out any loans) and they will not OK my financial aid! (I graduate in Dec!!!) I wrote an appeal and had to fill out paperwork and they still denied me!!! I ended up getting a private loan thru Sallie Mae. Talk about being stressed out!!!! Good luck to you. PM me if you have any questions.

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I signed up for the payment plan. Urgh, unexpected expenses! At least I have money saved up in my bank account.