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Financial Aid


I am interested in attending Apollo's RN program, but I am worried about the cost. I know that there is financial aid, but would financial aid cover the whole program? Can anyone give some advice on the different financial paths they took, in order to attend a private school. I am currently taking 3 classes at Rio Salado with financial aid and I am worried that I wont be awarded anymore aid: once I done with these 3 classes. Any advice?:uhoh3:


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I also attended Rio for online classes and used federal aid. I am now enrolled to start the March class at Apollo. I am not eligible for grants, but I was able to get everything financed with federal loans and private loans. However, in July I will quit work and next year hopefully will qualify for grants and it will lower the amount of my loans. It can be done. Good Luck!

Is there anyone else with examples of how they financed Apollo RN program. I know its a really expensive program but it does offer financial aid and I'm sure loans are needed on top of that but just curious to know from those who have gone through the program how it can be done. Thanks:rolleyes: