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Financial Advice for Nursing School

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I am preparing to apply to accelerated BSN programs.

My question is this: Chicago (living with family and a 2 year program) or California (living on my own, 12-15 month program).

I have family in Chicago, and could attend a 2 year accelerated program there while living with my parents and saving on rent (and of course Chicago's cost of living is high, and I'd be expected to take care of my own expenses.) The pro of Chicago is that I'd have free housing. The con is that I don't really get along with my family and don't have any friends there, so my support network would be thin. Plus, living with my parents will probably affect my loan eligibility. Also, I do not intend on staying in Chicago after graduation.

I am also considering attending school in California, which would be my dream situation and where I plan to settle down after school. The major drawback here is cost of living. However, the program is shorter and I will be happier being around my friends and a consistent support network.

I know that ultimately I am the only one that can make this decision... but for those of you that have struggled with a similar choice - between living with parents (as an adult) during schooling, and living on your own - I'd like to hear how it turned out for you.

Will the loans be worth it? Is it better to just put my nose to the gridstone for 2 years and plant to move after that?

Thank you for your thoughts and opinions.

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First off: Per the FAFSA, it doesn't matter who you live with, but that you meet certain criteria in order to be considered "independent". The criteria include things like: age at least 25, former ward of the court, married, in military, etc. If your parents refuse to help you, but you are 22 and don't meet the criteria, I'm not sure it matters who you live with.

I live in Cali and if it were me, I'd go to school 1) wherever I could get in and 2) if I had an option, at the place where I will graduate with the least amount of debt.


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