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I am due to graduate next week and am studying for finals right now. I feel like I am drowning under so much info and not sure where/how to start. Can you 'seasoned' grads share some insight into how you studied and what was effective for you.....

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al7139 has 5 years experience and specializes in Emergency.

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Dear Dreamrider,

I just graduated from a 2 year Associate RN program and I know just how you feel!

The way I studied was to first, know what material is on the test. Then, I studied what I felt the most confident about first. Next (as my final got closer), I focused on my weak areas and any new material I just learned. The day before the final, I reviewed all my info, and did some practice test questions from my texts or NCLEX review books. Anything I was still shaky on, I reviewed again. If your teachers are nice enough to give you reviews or study guides, use them. If you have time, I find it helpful to get with another person and quiz each other. Whatever you do, do not cram the night before! And definitely get a good nights sleep!

Good Luck!


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