Finally have a pediatric interview...HELP!

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Hi everyone,

So I have been working as a RN for about a year now on an ortho/medsurg floor at a level 1 trauma hospital. I have learned a lot but my passion has always been in pediatrics. It has been so hard though to land an interview for a pediatric position. It feels as though there are never any positions available because nobody is ever really leaving. Well I FINALLY got a call for an interview at another level 1 trauma hospital for their medsurg pediatric floor. I'm soo excited but completely nervous! The only experiece I have in pediatrics are from my clinicals and that is about it. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can prepare for this interview? Any suggestions will help! Thanks in advance =)



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Congrats!! Just tell them that's its been your passion! And smile uncontrollably :)

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Be yourself; state what experiences in your nursing rotation in pediatrics makes you a good fit in pediatric nursing. Be confident and sure in your experiences. Make sure you clarify or question anything you have a concern with. Good Luck!! :)



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Research the hospital and ask informed questions. Such as pt ratios, programs to support families, types of patients, what PEDIATRIC trauma level the hospital maintains(not always the same as adult level). Expressing a passion for pediatric nursing is paramount. Good Luck!