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any filipinos here that will take nclex?

I just wanna know :) pm me


Has 3 years experience.

Me! Can we all help each other! 💉💊👏

me too.what state are u guys taking?

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I'm in California but I applied for NY state.:)

cAli here!

I'm taking soon.. Hopefully il pass this time.. Good luck everyone.. We can do this..

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im in georgia. i took once in florida last october and failed. so, i'm trying georgia now. i'm working as a cNA now for almost 7 months here in florida.

I got denied by Cali BON now working as an LVN for now,trying my luck in NY state.Im reading Saunders,PDA by la charity and Kaplan strategy books.

im taking my nclex here at texas :)

I just wanna know :) pm me

me too im planning to take.

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Same here, I was advised by a friend that if you'll be taking the NCLEX in Texas and you are a Filipino, you shoul dhave a license in the Philippines. Am I correct? Still researchign the policies. OMG! I'm confused. Let's help each other my co-pinous.

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me too, i'm here in chicago but i register in Cali...it's easy to apply cali than here..lot of requirements here


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