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Filipino NCLEX passers, what are you doing right now?

by jbauer87 jbauer87 (New) New

I'm thinking about applying for licensure in the USA which of course leads to taking the NCLEX. Now, I'm perfectly aware about retrogression and the long wait so I hope we will not see more posts discouraging us from the so-called American dream. Most of us have back-up plans and are actively working or applying in various institutions in order to gain experience.

A few questions:

1. Where did you find your employer? It seems that all my acquaintances that have taken the NCLEX have relatives in the USA that are helping them find employers. A few even have their aunt working in the HR themselves. Since I don't have any close relative in the USA that's in the health care industry, applying for licensure without a prospective employer is somewhat risky for me.

2. Did your employer require hospital experiece? If yes, how many months or years?

3. When is your priority date and what are you doing right now while waiting for it?

I hope we can also hear feedback from our Filipino nurses that have left for the US in the last 1-2 years.


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