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Few questions about becoming a CNM


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So.. I just graduated an ADN program in December.. Passed the NCLEX in March and got offered my first job part time at an OB-GYN office which I took immediately because this is the field I am interested in. I also just accepted a job at a nursing home part time as well for some extra hands on experience. I have been interested in the CNM field for a while now. I am pretty much a straight B student with a graduating gpa of something like 3.1-3.4ish.. will I even get accepted to a program with that gpa? I am located in RI and I don't even think there are any programs offered around here either.. I think I have a lot of research to do so any thoughts/suggestions would be helpful. I am also still looking into RN to BSN programs which I know I need to get done first. TIA

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Here is a good place to start:

Midwifery Education Programs

Different programs will have different requirements, but here is a look at all of the programs in the U.S., both brick-and-mortar and distance learning.


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Thank you!