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feeling rejected

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Well I will start out by saying I've been an lpn since 1998 starting in a long term care faciilty.I moved to a different state and became a floor nurse in a local hospital later transferring to a clinic job through the hospital. I loved the job but they began laying off a lot and I didn't feel stable anymore. I worked for that company for 10 years but unfortunately as an Lpn, feels it leads to nowhere.NO advances, very small pay increases, no one seems to want to give Lpn's the benefit of the doubt. So in my insecurity I was hired at the VA and work in Audiology. It's titled as a health technician job and my duties aren't quite as much patient care as I like.Again what feels like a dead end job because there aren't any promotional opportunities. I have applied for other positions, just recently two clinic jobs here and turned down for both. I also did not make it into an RN program I was trying for. I work hard and do not miss, I always get a lot of praise from my supervisors(and always have)My yearly reviews are always stellar, so I cant figure out why I can't seem to get ahead. I know my interviewing skills aren't up to par anymore because some of the interview questions are unlike any I've heard in the past and I don't think I have job hopped to raise suspicion. I'm just looking to better myself.I make 200$ a pay than what I started out. That's just crazy when my husband has jumped from starting pay of 8$/hr to 25/hr in automotive repair.I guess I'm looking for honest suggestions.

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Many LPN's, especially those who have done hospital nursing, are working within the scope of a technician as opposed to a nurse.

Even RN's are not making the kind of money that they used to.

If you are thinking about a bridge program, be mindful of what degree RN's in your area need, as well as what the starting pay is. You may find it is not much more than what you are making now. And you need to be sure that if you take on student loan debt, you are not in over your head.

I like the idea of clinic work, urgent care--that type of thing. It may or may not be for you. Another thought is home health or hospice.

Best wishes!

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