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FBI Background Check School in Ohio Applying to Pennsylvania

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Hello! I am going to nursing school in Ohio, but will be moving home to Pennsylvania after I graduate in May (I am a PA resident). I need to get an FBI background check done because Ohio won't send a state background check to Pennsylvania. I just found out how long the FBI background check takes and I am concerned it will not be completed by late July, which is my anticipated start date for my job. I saw online you can use an FBI channeling company to get your background check done, and I called and asked Pennsylvanias state board and they said they would accept a channeling companies FBI background check. Shortly after the phone call I saw the below statement on the channeling companies website. The state board of nursing is currently closed. I want to know if I truly cannot get a channeled background check. I feel like I'm being told a million different things and my school isn't helpful and is giving me incorrect information. 


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