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Fall 2020 ADN Programs


Has 2 years experience.

I’m in Los Angeles and was planning to apply for SMC and Pasadena ADN programs in July for Fall 2020 entry. Theses cohorts have been cancelled due to Covid. I’m considering going out of state just to avoid wasting time. Anyone out there currently applying to an ADN for 2020 intake?

thank you!

NurseRFlowers, LVN

Has 3 years experience.


im in the inland empire and im also looking for an ADN program im willing to drive to LA..its so hard to get in contact with someone to figure exactly what is going on I heard some may not require the TEAS test due to closed proctored sites..I don't want to waste anytime as well. which states are you considering moving to?

Mmssmm22, CNA

Has 2 years experience.

I have a very good friend in Oklahoma and I was debating going to Tulsa or Oklahoma City College. The next entry dates wouldn’t be until Spring 2021 and they don’t really seem like a sure thing either , but I’m just exploring options at the moment.

arapaho community college and lamar community college extended their application periods, so did lee college in houston tx