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FAILED x3 in Colorado

by KassS KassS (New) New

Hello, I've failed the NCLEX x 3 in Colorado and just found out, the 3rd time was my last here :arghh: I've enrolled in Hurst & Kaplan. I'm hitting the ground running. I know exactly why I failed and what I need to improve on. Please help, what other state can I apply to take the NCLEX in??? I know NY has endless NCLEX's, not that I want that. I just want another shot at it. Help PLEASE!!

What, exactly, are you looking for in the way of help? You already know you have reached the maximum number of attempts at NCLEX in your State. You also already know you can take it in another State (provided you meet those requirements and pay all their fees).

So....what is your question?


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Before you shell out $$$ to take it in another state, make sure your state will accept your out-of-state license should you pass.