Failed nclex first attempt with h4 me bout retake/license issue in ca


Hello Everyone!

I'm a newbie here..please bear with me.

I took the NCLEX-RN exam for the first time,but unfortunately I failed.I expected it though.

Its a long drama story bout my case.

Chapter 1- I'm a BSN grad from a foreign country, just before our Local Board Exam, I went here in US with my mom holding an H4 Visa(dependent of my Dad with H-1B). I'm not really prepared to come here in US and my mind is still in my home country because I wanted to take my Local Board. When I arrived here I had no idea about NCLEX-process,requirements. But a known frend advised me to file my application in CA BON.So she took care of all the forms needed. I applied and rec'd my eligibility last 2008. I started to review "SELF-REVIEW" because i don't have any idea of review centers here. I used kaplan/saunders.

It's not easy to start a new life here in states esp if you don't have relatives around. My dad's first company filed there bankrupcy thus he was trasnferred into another company. A Lot of Stress is unfolding. We don't have a car and we manage to walk when we go to the grocery not minding the hot,cold temps. Just before he start to work for his new company, the economy of US is slowly declining, his salary was decreased and its not even enough to pay our bills,rent and needs. We are all anxious then, my mom and I couldn't work due to our H4 Visa unless someone will sponsor us for H 1B. We were planning to file our AOS but due to financial constraints we couldn't afford. But after sometime we were thinking to start it just for us to have work permit. Months later I registered to pearson vue and got my ATT as well. I planned to review few more months. During those months news all over the world- are broadcasting GLOBAL RECESSION eps here in USA. I'm really horrified with what is happening because we are only holding Non-Immigrant Visas and worst might happen anytime.

Month later I heard a bad news from my home country that my Ninang/Close friend of my Mom is in critical condition,and later on died due to cardiac arrest. My heart was torned into pieces when i heard she just passed away. It was emotionally devastating.

Then few weeks later my dad has successfully passed his driving and got his drivers license. But since we are new here its hard to find someone to lend autoloan right away. But luckily we got a brand new car. We were all happy because we will not be paralyzed anymore and it has been a year.

Chapter 2- The economy is not yet improving and unemployment rate is rising. The new company of my dad has laid-off 2 batches of their employees in any division. Unfortunately my dad was laid -off for the third batch. We all felt the burden of the bad news. We are unprepared,clueless of what will happen to us next...It's really painful. But thinking of my sched Nclex exam the month after i need to still focus and not be pressured.But I cried a lot,began asking,thinking,..but I realized that everything happens for a reason. We pray pray and pray and hoping for the best.

Chapter 3- Day of my Exam- I took my exam with all the experiences i have gone through back in my mind. but i remained strong for my family. I stopped at 75 questions and I asked myself did I pass?I don't think so, Did I gave my very best?:cry:

Chapter 4- this is the answer in my queries at chapter 3- I received an envelope from CA BON- indicating we regret to inform you that you did not pass.'HAS NOT PASSED. I stopped for a while and I smiled, y?because i already accepted it. I prayed to God that this times of difficulties, I leave it all to HIM that whatever the result that is His will.:saint:

Chapter 5- Retake policy-45 days...As I look on the reapply forms,they are asking SSN thus it mean PASS or FAIL you need an SSN to reapply and for your license to be issued once you passed NCLEX?.

MY QUESTION IS: Since I'm H4 Visa ,didn't pass my NCLEX, state board is CALIFORNIA whose asking for SSN if you passed

What options should I do?

retake in CA?

change and apply other state who doesn't require SSN after passing?

or its better to GO HOME TO MY HOME COUNTRY AND BE AN RN THERE?:confused::confused::confused:

Thank you everyone:)

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You will have to start the process allover again in another state, and most states are now requiring a SSN. IN some states the 3 attempt is your final try so be careful. 75 questions mean you got every question wrong. You need to find out why you are no understanding the test before you retest.

Worse news for you if you are over 21 you no longer qualify for a H4 visa even if you Dad has a job which would mean you are here illegally.

If you can't afford a lawyer, go to legal aide, ASAP. This may effect your status when you qualify to come back.

Things are very bad in the USA, I don't think it will improve any time soon.

Thank you MedSurg32RN.

Do you know which states are not requiring SSN?

I'm just wondering why did they wrote in my 1-94- H4 Visa Valid until 2010, i don't have any idea about it. I just turned 21 this year. Thats very sad though.What they advised to me when i got to port of entry-customs is that I don't have the right to work until an immigrant visa is granted. They didn't tell me that before turning 21 i should have adjusted my status(like student visa) and that is so impossible with our current status.

I don't know what to do maam. my other option is to just go home and start a new beginning in my home country.huhuhu.

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Even if you get something sorted with a H1b your parents will not be allowed to stay. Once you reach 21 you come under a different set of rules on visa requirements and the lawyer dealing with your parent's application should have made this aware to you all.

You are probably looking at returning home whilst you get things sorted. Just make sure that you do not overstay as it will have an impact

I strongly advice you to talk to a immigration lawyer experienced in this because this really isn't something we can advice on here

Thank you Ms. Silverdragon102.

I thought about it maam. The problem really was the lawyer who handled my dad's transfer of H-1B didn't gave us any idea at all. That's y it became complicated esp now that my dad has been laid-off. Later this day we'll be talking to our lawyer and I'll share to him my result in nclex exam that i failed and that even if i passed i would need SSN to get the license from CAli BON o. And theres no other way to stay here and get SSN since we won't be able to file our AOS anymore.

I really prayed to GOD that whatever his will so be it.

I'm prepared to go home and start a new life in my home country.It's just everything happens for a reason and that GOD has its own purpose in my life esp. now.

What i really want to happen is that USA will let me go home in a peaceful way and not just deport me. Because it isn't really my fault,im just a lay person and don't know the LAW,what i'm holding is a document telling me that my H4 Visa is valid until 2010.

I hope and really pray that everything will be peaceful.

Thank you Maam:)

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You do not have a large window to return home with (this with your Dad loosing his job) and as log as you leave in a timely manner I doubt you will get deported. I am sorry things are happening and it is a shame that your dad's lawyer didn't explain things clearly on effects that it will have on you.

Best of luck and I am sure with determination you can make it just may take a while to do it

Thank you very much Maam.

I'll just need to pick up myself again,my strength really comes from Him.

I won't give up instead I'll make this experience here in US as a motivation,even though i didn't pass my nclex for this reason and things just didn't work for our family here, i will pursue my dreams and that is to be a future and good nurse someday.

I know that coming here in US is not a right but a privilege.

I know many of us foreign people are wishing to come here and have a better future and i'm thankful that i had a chance to see US even for just a while,thats a great privilege. Even if I've experience all of this,it serves as a stepping stone and a wake up call from GOD.

Thank you and Goodbye USA.

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