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eye care question

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Hello everyone,

What product do you use in your neuro ICU's for comatose patient eyes that are slightly open? Would love to hear from you all

Thank you for sharing what you use. Do you use any eye shield/patches or goggles?

i have not used either of those. sorry!

We also use lacrilube. If the patient's eyes don't close all the way, we just moisten 2x2 with lacrilube or sterile saline and place them on the eyes to keep them moist.

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We don't typically use the actual eye shield; if it seems hourly lacrilube won't cut it, we'll moisten a 2x2 w/ sterile NS and place it over the open eye. This is in addition to the lacrilube, not in lieu of

we use a lubricant eye ointment

same here


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