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Explaining past reprimand by BON in interview?

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above is the link to my situation. I have an interview soon and I’m wondering: do I voluntarily bring up my past reprimand by the BON on my previous license? Obviously I wouldn’t lie if directly asked. And I of course don’t want to say a word more than what is required of me and use discretion and privacy to my advantage. My current license in this state is clear. My affected licenses (the reprimand transferred from one state to the other, so both “reprimanded” me over one incident). Neither of my licenses were ever restricted or prevented me from working at any point in time. But as you’ll read in my linked post, I was hired at a facility then last minute due to background check results (that SHOULDVE been processed and relayed to me weeks earlier) my start date was delayed due to the license discipline hx. I’m still waiting to hear what the results from that are and if I still have the job or not but obviously I’m still applying elsewhere and don’t want the same thing to happen at a new facility when they do a bg check if I’m hired - but I’m not sure how to bring it up without being scratched out as a potential hire.

yet I hear of people with far worse discipline hx still getting jobs. Advice regarding discussing or not discussing this kind of thing in interviews is appreciated!! 

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My understanding of a Public Reprimand is that it's attached to your nursing license for ever, but I also know every state is different. Have you consulted an attorney to see if there's any way to have it expunged?

I would be honest, as you are, on all job applications. Job applications are likely to ask if you've ever had a restricted or encumbered license, which you haven't, although employers may view any discipline as a reason not to hire.

Like you said, your Public Reprimand will only be discovered during a background search.

I would interview confidently and not bring it up.  Here's why-based on your resume, they picked you. You impressed them so far, and you can use the interview to further give a good impression.

If they later discover the Reprimand, you have the benefit of your face-to-face encounter, and they can still choose to employ you with explanation. This is entirely up to the employer, and hopefully you will find the right employer who is willing to give you a chance.

It's important you have both a quick response and a longer, more detailed response ready when/if you are asked. They should be non-defensive, assume responsibility, but give the overall impression that you were inexperienced without casting blame on others. Be regretful but not ashamed.

Everyone has made mistakes.

If you are able to give any information about what happened, I'm sure many of us here could help you craft a few key sentences. 

Best wishes.




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are u in Texas?

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