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Expired PRC license for nurse working overseas

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Hi guys!

I am currently working in the UK as a nurse and has been for the past 5 years. I have never renewed my licence which expired in 2012. However, I am trying to process my NZ license and one of the requirements would be verification from the nursing council in which I was registered with (Philippines and UK).

Will I be able to renew my license and will they process my verification of license? I read somewhere about a refresher course but i wasn't out of practice.

I would be grateful for the advice. Thank you.

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Yes they may. You can ask someone to process it for you.

For Authorized Rep. that has NO PRC ID- Orig. SPA(Spec. Power of Atty) is needed

but if Auth.Rep HAS PRC ID- Authorization letter from you is required.

An authorize rep should also photocopy his 2 any GOV'T. ISSUED ID. Plus other requirements:payment, picture, form.

Hope this helps. God bless!

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