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Experience Before Becoming CNM

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MamaRN1719 has 4 years experience as a BSN.

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I graduated with my BSN in 2016 and have one year of med-surge hospital experience. I am currently staying home with my kids but am looking into going back to work. I desire to apply to midwifery school within the next 5-10 years (Frontier being my top choice).

I am trying to decide which career path would help me have the highest chance of being accepted into Frontier.

My choices are hospital L&D Nursing with little to no CNM exposure (mostly OB’s), or CNM midwife assistant at a FSBC-working alongside midwives who graduated from Frontier. Personally the idea of being a midwife/birth assistant sounds much more exciting to me-as I am not too keen on the way OB’s in hospitals treat laboring women most of the time. BUT I want to make sure that I could still get into midwifery school if I chose the FSBC route.
Thank you for any input!
Jocelyn Rivera RN, BSN

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LibraSunCNM has 10 years experience as a MSN and specializes in OB.

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I didn't attend Frontier and I certainly can't speak for their admissions department, but I think either pathway would give you a strong chance at getting in. You'd learn valuable skills at both sites. You can definitely get into other schools besides Frontier, many don't require any nursing experience at all so you'd be ahead of the curve there.

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