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Excited and determined


Hello everyone, I stumbled upon this web site, and the information and articles have been very interesting. I start the lpn program at ecpi and I'm excited and determined and scared at the same time, but I have never been so ready to do this its time and determination out ways my fears.

Hi! Congratulations and welcome. I'm starting on the 27th at Athena Career Academy, its in Ohio. I'm so nervous I'm sick to my stomach 24/7. Its probably just excitement! Do you have your schedule yet?


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Congrats to you both! I am also excited I start my LPN-RN program in January at SC4 it's in Michigan. But none the less I'm so excited and anxious. I still have to go to orientation and get drug tests and Titers and injections but I'm soooo excited! Good luck to you all and CONGRATS!