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I thought I'd compile some basic information/answers to the questions we see here over and over. This is a work in progress. Please feel free to point out any errors. Thanks! 1. Excelsior College... Read More

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    Quote from squidbillies
    I can't seem to find the clinical requirements on their website. Can anyone provide a link or some info on that? I was under the impression that the only requirements to be considered for the program were licensure (EMT, LPN etc). Thanks
    #21 in the original post: Admission Requirements for Associate Degree in Nursing Programs -

    EMT-B would not qualify, but EMT-P (paramedic would) Not sure what you mean by clinical requirements....the clinical skills are assessed by the CPNE. Some state BoN's require additional clinical preceptorship hours before a candidate is NCLEX/license eligible. (For example, LPN's in GA have a clinical preceptor hours requirement which varies depending on the LPN's current work environment and how long at the job)
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    JustBeachyNurse, thank you. Some comments in other posts led me to believe that in addition to being a license PN, one also needed a certain number of clinical hours ie work experience. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Quote from squidbillies
    JustBeachyNurse, thank you. Some comments in other posts led me to believe that in addition to being a license PN, one also needed a certain number of clinical hours ie work experience. Thanks for clarifying.
    No, you don't need clinical experience, though it may be helpful for some.
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    Hi lunahrh. quite well written. Do you know much about online RN-BSN programs? which ones are the best etc/ I have a dual bachelors in other fields so it may not take me quite as long. I am hoping to get out of chemistry for now also. I also have some questions for you about the army nursing. you respnded to a few of my questions from one of my topics. thanks a ton!!!
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    Hey Folks,
    Looking for some feedback on the ADN program. Lot of good and not so good feedback out there... Looking for straight and honest answers. My husband is active-duty with the USAF, so it's been challenging for me to find a nursing program I can complete internationally and with relocating every 2-years.

    1. I'm an NREMT-B with a B.F.A, core nursing prereq's completed and 10+ years of varied clinical experience from EMS, Fire, SAR, surgery, PICU, ER, OB/GYN, L&D and public health. Hoping I qualify?
    2. I understand clinicals are not required. Interesting. I understand the CPNE is the 'clinical' aspect. However, will the school assist with placements/community-based clinical rotations?
    3. Current cost of this program?
    4. NCLEX pass rate?
    5. Students feel prepared?
    6. Folks having difficulty finding work? Being accepted with this education?
    7. How do you know what states will not accept Excelsior grads? Not sure how crazy I am about spending a great deal of time, effort and money on an education that will not be accepted everywhere... Yet, it's accredited by NLN?
    8. Required prereq's prior to admission? Enroll at anytime? Couldn't find specifics online/catalog.

    Thank you!
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    See number 21 in the original post - unfortunately you don't qualify as an EMT-B. You have to be an EMT-P. For states that have extra requirements or that don't accept EC, see number 1 in the original post.
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    Quote from tjmiller
    With all due respect, in order to go through EC for the RN program, one has to meet certain criteria. One is hours of actual nursing experience. It's not like this school is just testing out paramedics and LPN's that have never hit the floor. A person better have a pretty good understanding of the nursing process to go anywhere in the EC program.
    Actually, experience is NOT required. Definitely recommended, but not a requirement. All a student needs to do is have the certification or licensure required by EC's admission policy. I think this is a big part of the reason people criticize this program and its lack of traditional clinicals. In theory, you can have an inexperienced healthcare provider become an RN having only done the clinicals for his/her original qualifying license or certification. Yes, they will have to probably seriously bust their tails to pass the CPNE, but I know LPNs who did EC pretty much straight out of LPN school. Are they fabulous nurses? No doubt; they have gone on to become very successful and awesome RNs. But this is why the CPNE is such a challenge -- EC has to ensure that its graduates are able to practice safely and competently.

    The lack of an experience requirement is why EC has tightened up the program over the years, and will probably continue to do so. When EC used to accept EMT-Bs for this program, for example, there were "boot camps" that turned your average joe off the street into EMT-Bs, then assisted them through EC's program in a relatively short time span. Not a good thing, if you ask me. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw an experience requirement instituted in the future. EC has already eliminated automatic admissions for traditional nursing students who have completed 50% of their clinicals -- it's done on a case-by-case basis now, I believe.

    Just wanted to clarify (rather long-windedly, haha!) about the experience requirement, or lack thereof.
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    Thank you so very much for posting this, I just got my eval from EC and was on the fence on if I should enroll or not. This really gave me indepth information and will help me make an even more informed decision
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    And where was this info when we were attending?! Fabulous list! So glad that EC is way back in my memory now...except for that CPNE!
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    Quote from erlissy
    And where was this info when we were attending?! Fabulous list! So glad that EC is way back in my memory now...except for that CPNE!
    Haha! It was still in my brain, although I suppose I could have written it sooner than 4.5 years post-graduation.
  11. by   NsgStudents
    LunahRN, This may be a silly question or a misunderstanding on my part but....I am a current EC student, preparing for my CPNE. I noticed many people mention (and it is listed on EC page) that CA doesn't accept EC education. However, after contacting the BON in CA I was informed that all of the school that they do not accept are listed on their BON schools list (which EC is not on that list of schoold not being accepted) so how would I know for sure if EC is accepted by the BON for CA? Do I just complete the application and see what they come back and say? Or can you offer another suggestion on how I would know for sure what I need to do?
  12. by   NsgStudents

    Disregard my previous question. I found the answer, it was an oversite on my part. I was able to read the court issued decision as to why California doesn't accept EC students. I listed the links below for other California EC students.
    Board of Registered Nursing - Excelsior College

    My concern is that we just moved here due to my husbands job. I currently hold a CA LVN, I guess I will have to start checking around for other means of obtaining my RN, it stinks to be so close to finishing (currently studying for CPNE) and I can't work as an RN in my current state. I don't think applying and working in another state will help to do endorsement later.
    If you have any ideas, feel free to share.
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    Look into any federal facilities that may be local to you. You can apply for NCLEX through another state's BON (Minnesota is a good one), and work in any federal facility under that license. Are you close to the border of Cali at all?