New beginner from GA - anyone from Atlanta or the surrounding areas?

  1. I've been an LPN since '06, and I'm looking into the Excelsior LPN-RN program. Is anyone from GA graduated from the program, or is currently in it? I'd very much like to talk to someone who could give me some information. I haven't started yet, and would like to talk to someone who is already in the program.


    Please email me with any information you have regarding the program. I REALLY want to start this ASAP!

    I'm looking for information as to the cost, is it accredited and other things that could help me. I'd like to start as SOON as possible, possibly this spring. I'd be willing to talk to you on the phone if you'd be agreeable to do so, as I have many questions that I haven't been able to find on the AllNurses message board or the Excelsior site.

    Thank you for your help!!!

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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    There is a lot of info here, including info about cost and accreditation: The Excelsior College Distance Learning ADN Program: Facts, Answers, and Links
  4. by   UlanaD
    Go to and download the nursing catalog, it tells you everything!