1. Took the practice exam A last night and scored a 74% and am only 3/4 the way through the reading material. Is this a good score? I have musculoskeletal left to study tonight and I am testing on Thursday. I know this is a tough exam but I really want to start FCCA in Sept. what did others score on practice exams and pass? Any input would be appreciated!
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  3. by   medictorninfl32
    A 74% is good. Helpful hint know your disease/disorders and appropriate RN DX's for each. Notice the "patterns" of the treatment modalities. This exam really puts everything together and the nursing process is imperative! Good luck!
  4. by   jessica.brading
  5. by   nursemami4
    That's a good score to start with my opinion. I scored less and made a C, however I only studied a week for this exam and cramming is what seems like my method at this point into the program. Im also going for the FCCA in September. Finished all the nursing theory exams just have life span development as my gen ed on the 28th. Good luck!!!
  6. by   KitkatPRN
    I think a 74% is great !! Especially when you can now go over the rationales, learning even more. Good Luck !! You are so close !! I take LS1 on the 27th. I'm hoping for a Nov. start date on the FCCA !!