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  1. I just saw my grades and I failed 496 but passed the other one. I cannot stop crying!! these classes were horrible and I feel like I learned absolutely nothing. I registered to take it again, but because I just now did it, I cant start until the november class. I am so devasted, I just want to quit nursing completely. (((((
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  3. by   monalisa lpn
    I just want to tell you don't throw in the towel yet keep trying and re-eventuate the situation I'm in debt over 20,000 dollars and failed two exams but I will keep trying i really want my R. N more than anything it will pay off . I'm taking in nov and I pray I will pass
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  4. by   lacnola
    after crying it out several hours.. i re-collected myself and i'm ready to be back at it again. i will not stop til im done!
  5. by   RTFisher
    I just saw your posting and I'm happy to see you not give up! I just finished 496&498 and they were both challenging! Not passing exam can knock down your self-esteem (been there more than once) but now you have an advantage, you know what to expect! Good luck with 496 and I'm sure you'll do much better next time!