Does anyone know if MAINE accepts excelsior grads for RN

  1. I am starting the RN program with excelsior, does anyone know, or know how to find out if maine accepts excelsior grads?? PLEASE HELP! thanks you!
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  3. by   Aliakey
    According to the Excelsior website (State Board Requirements -, there are no additional requirements for Maine. You should be able to apply directly.

    However, it's always safest to contact the state's Board of Nursing to confirm. You can find that information here on this link: Maine State Board of Nursing Website - Contact Us

    Good luck!
  4. by   CrissiQ
    On Excelsiors website it say's Maine has no additional requirements and they accept EC grads. I would call the Maine board of nursing to double check before starting the program. Maine I believe is a compact state, so when you get a license it also allows you to work in the other states, within the compact.