1. Just pass chronocity, one more down.
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  3. by   ScudderRN31
    Congratulations! What's next?

    LPN who can't wait to be a RN!
  4. by   nkeisha
    Thanks ,next is repro.
  5. by   Tru-Nurse
    Good job!
  6. by   BSNbeDONE
    CONGRATZ!!!!!!! Drive and determination!!!!
  7. by   sondon
    Congrats! Job well done!
  8. by   GoalSeeker
  9. by   amygarside
    Good job! Keep it up.
  10. by   nkeisha
    Thanks guys, really appreciate .
  11. by   UlanaD
    Congratulations! This is my next exam - any pointers that helped you with the material?
  12. by   nkeisha
    Practice exam a must, to see if your on the right tract. People say pay attention to sensory yes, but dont neglect the one's that carry 10% and 15%.
  13. by   ypoe
    Agree practice exams! Also agree make sure you study those 15%
  14. by   UlanaD
    Thanks so much for your advice! I will do just that!