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Excelsior Anat and Phys vs Classroom

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Has anyone taken the anat and phys course recently? What A&P text do you recommend? I went on the excelsiors website/bookstore and there is too many to choose from- How was the test? I am deciding whether to take the course in a classroom or self study- i already took anat and phys but its over 10 years old- not that i remember anything anyway!!:smackingf


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I moved this thread to the Distance/Online Learning Forum, where I know you will get some good responses. Good luck!


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Well to put it to you blunt.The test was not bad,but I did go to the bar afterwards.I did pass the first time thru,but if I had to do it over again.I would stay in one place,and go to class,but on the other hand im on travel assignments,So it was my only choice,and I only studied 2 or 3 months.I dont remeber which,but to me better than the year in a classroom.Follow the content guide,but if you use CN it follows it.Thats all I used,and a book called A's in A&P.

Good Luck

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