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Excelsior Admission Question


I am finishing up a Surgical First Assisting program and was wondering if having a SFA/ST license would allow me admission into Excelsior's RN program. I had wanted to do my RN first but I got tired of waiting around for a slot to open.

I can't find anything on Excelsior's website. It lists all other kinds of clinical degrees but not ST/SFA.

Just thought I'd ask.


I don't think that is a Surg Tech. I think first assistant is a higher level and usually an RN actually. But anyway Excelsior doesn't list it on their website, but you can always call (which won't net you a definitive answer). I would just apply and send in my license and transcripts. Worse comes to worse they say no, and you are out $75. Otherwise you'll get accepted, and no longer have to wait.

I do not believe it is accepted any longer, but definitely call them and confirm this information.