Exam got cancelled TWICE. Feeling more nervous than ever!!! (First Time)


I don't know if it's luck, but my exam got cancelled twice for two consecutive weeks due to a tech problem at the testing center. This is my first time to take the NCLEX. I'm from the Philippines, graduated last April 2015, and already an RN from where I came from. I work part-time as a hemotech at a dialysis center here in the island of Saipan. I did only a bit of content review for NCLEX (focused on my weak areas) more on q&a and rationale. I'm using Saunders and just finished my NCSBN course, hope that'll help. I'll take the exam on Feb 8 at a different testing site... and I'd love to hear suggestions from you guys on other materials that I can use for the remaining days. I heard UWorld is good... What can you say?

Thank you and I appreciate your time reading this :))


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Sorry to hear that, but maybe that's a good thing...gives you more time to study. Good luck on the exam.