Eugene/Corvallis Job Market

by bittybabyrn1 (New) New

Hi all! I haven't been on here in so long I had to open a new account. :unsure:

I've been a level III NICU RN on NOCs for 7.5 years (in California). My family is hoping to relocate to either Eugene or Corvallis next summer. I know all the NICUs are in Portland but I honestly love my current unit so much I'm not sure I ever want to work in another one! :nailbiting:

My main objective is to get OFF nights. I'm open to mother/baby if it's days (4 years experience floating there) but my dream job is maternal/child home health. Do any area hospitals offer this specialty or is it all through the county? I'm currently working on my IBCLC and will hopefully take the exam in April. I would even be happy with some sort of OB/PEDS clinic job.

How likely is it to find what I'm looking for coming from out of state? I'm assuming Eugene will have more opportunity than Corvallis just based on size. BTW, I only have an ADN at the moment but plan to eventually bridge over. Next year our oldest will start middle school so it feels like if we don't make the move then, we need to stay in Santa Cruz. Problem here is housing is ridiculous and it will take about 15 years to get off NOCs!:no:

Any input is appreciated!