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Ethical research project

Hi everyone!

I was recently assigned a project where I am to find a Greys Anatomy episode that displays an ethical dilemma. Any suggestions on an episode I should check out??

Thanks!! :)

Lvat wire cut

Giving patient HIV virus to heal him of another disease?

Into You Like a Train - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia features two people impaled by the same pole and only 1 can live.

Episode titled ""Remember the Time" in Season 9 features Callie having to make the decision to amputate her wife (Arizona's) leg - I think it's this episode, it might be the one right before or right after.

I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked (Grey's Anatomy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Should Derek report that he suspects the Chief has relapsed as an alcoholic? He also will get his job if he reports...

There's almost one in every episode. Shouldn't be too hard :p


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