Esthetician to BSN?

by RachealAnne RachealAnne Member

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Hello all!

First off, Hi I'm Racheal! I currently work in the NICU previously medical (thinking that the NICU would make me happier) BUT I realized after 3 years of working in the hospital it's not for me. AND THATS OKAY! In the back of my mind I have always wanted to do cosmetic nursing, but thought it was smart to work in the hospital while going through school. I dropped what I thought was "smart" and now am pursuing "happy" I am going to esthetics school in the fall, getting my license, then going to nursing school while working as an esthetician. My goal is to work as an aesthetic nurse in a medical spa or under a plastic surgeon, is this a good way to go about it? I figured it would be smart to get some knowledge on skin care before hand. I really am excited! Any tips on making it through nursing school when you are only doing it for Aesthetics? :laugh: