Erudite nursing Atlanta,ga


Have anyone graduated from erudite nursing here in Atlanta ga or any other state if so please tell me what are your thoughts of the school and the courses were you work ready when you finished which state exam did you take etc.


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Yes, I noticed that too.

I am a graduate from Erudite Nursing Institute and initially I was questioning these programs because of the length. They are so short! I had never heard of nursing programs as quick as these. All the other schools last years so I couldn't understand why the RN was only 7 weeks here. Since all of the accreditations checked out, I went ahead and applied to the Winter 2015 semester, then passed the Boards in February. I was so excited I applied everywhere I could and just accepted a position at Wellstar. Couldn't be happier.;)


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I have been looking into this school Erudite. Can I sit for the nclex after I am finished.