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General Peds Clinic or Peds endocrine clinic

  1. 1. General Peds Clinic or Peds endocrine clinic

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      General Peds clinic (4 docs, 2 RN) Less stress
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      Peds Endocrine clinic (1doc,1 RN)

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I have the choice between a low stress general Peds office in a rural area working with another nurse for four rotating doctors, or a Peds Endocrine clinic for a larger hospital system where I'd be the only nurse for 1 doctor following all her patients with more pay. What would you choose and why?

Neither, I already have a job!

All kidding aside, are you sure the peds office would be so low stress? I suspect you would be doing phone triage, immunizations, and during cold and flu season working late. What happens if the other nurse is off?

Endocrine...I don't have enough information to be able to advise you. This can encompass anything from thyroid and growth issues to diabetes. What exactly would your responsibilities be? Have you met and do you like the doctor? Most hospital associated clinics provide great educational and professional growth opportunities.

It really depends on what your interests are and what you feel is the best fit for your career. Good luck to you. Let us know which you choose!