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ERES credentialing question results

Lizloosty Lizloosty (New) New

Hi, I'm lucky enough to already live in TX and have appropriate visas.

i have gone through ERES (a recognised credentialing service for TX BON). It took over a year and many phone calls and emails and I've finally had it all back.

However, they have said my education and training is equivalent to Associates degree. First level entry nurse. I understand this is a 2 yr degree??

Hiw can this be? I trained and qualified in 1997, 3yr programme. It was the first project 2000 programme. I have subsequently taken further education which I also had credentials. But it seems like none of this matters??

could they have got this wrong, can I appeal?

What are my job prospects like with this?

i worked in ER for nearly 20yrs!

Thanks for any insights