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ER tech wage in IL?

i am considering working in er per diem, while i work full time on the ambulance and go to nursing school. can anyone give me an idea for starting salary for er tech with 5 year experience as a paramedic? thanks a bunch! silika.:lol2:

I believe Im not sure though that nurse techs in Northwest Indiana which is like 35-40 min from Chicago,start their nurse tech like around 13-15.

Northwestern: around $13.00/hr

UI-Hospital around $13.5/hr

Be real careful with HR because your swimming with sharks.

woody436 specializes in ER, Pre-Hospital.

County (Stroger) is somewhere around $20/hr I think...but it's exceedingly difficult to get a job there. Not sure what our techs get...somewhere around 13 or 14 if you're a paramedic. EMT's get less of course. Student Nurses get more.

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